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How to use the Eyebrow Tracer


The Eyebrow tracer is the professional instrument that allows tracing of the correct design of the eyebrow by identifying the three key points that characterize it leaving no chance for mistake!

Leave the others “chitchatting” about eyebrows. We prefer facts. Let’s work with Eyebrow Tracer! At last, everybody will have the correct eyebrow design for their own face in a moment.

In a few quick steps you will be able to identify the three key points of the eyebrow giving your face a unique expression.

Versatile, safe, light, easy to use and entirely made in Italy, the Eyebrow Tracer fits the professional make-up designers as well as amateurs.

The Eyebrow Tracer lets you trace the correct eyebrow design for any kind of face! And in less than a minute. Once you have spotted the three points of the eyebrow you can flip the instrument to the other part of the face and will get exactly the same eyebrow design.

The outcome: two perfect eyebrow!

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