The most frequently asked questions (FAQ) that we receive

In more than 6 years we have been asked so many questions that we believe that collecting the most frequently asked ones will help you save time before making your decision. Below we have grouped some of those most frequently asked from our customers.

We understand that there is no way to cover all of them, but at least these should provide an answer to many.

In case your question does not appear in the list below please contact us. We will reply as soon as possible.


Do other techniques exist?

Yes they do. But the one adopted with the Eyebrow Tracer is the only one that guarantees a result without mistakes.

Does this technique apply to all?

Yes it does. Either for the expert who knows wjhat to search and how (the three points) or the amateur who has only to follow the instructions.

How does the Eyebrow Tracer work?

In a very easy way. The three bars allow everybody (professional or amateur) to identify, through few roles, the three key points characterizing an eyebrow (starting point, maximum height point and ending point). Once the three point have been identified, it will be a matter of minutes for the user (professional or amateur) to determine the correct eyebrow shape by joining the three key points.

What is the Eyebrow Tracer?

The Eyebrow Tracer is a specific instrument that, in a few, easy and quick steps, allows every person to draw the ideal eyebrow design.

Where do you produce the Eyebrow Tracer?

The Eyebrow Tracer is completely hand-made in Italy.

Who has the Eyebrow Tracer been made for?
The Eyebrow Tracer has been conceived for use of both professional make-up artists and amateurs. For the professional, this simple but innovative instrument will provide a faster and more accurate identification of the three key points characterizing the eyebrow. Also for the amateur, however, the instrument will prove as a guide for drawing his own, personal and appropriate eyebrow design.
The instructions, shown on the enclosed leaflet, allow the easy use of the instrument.
Why can’t the use of brow stencils be considered a technique?
A brow stencil is a support (generally made of plastic) shaped with different eyebrows profiles. The use of brow stencils cannot be considered a technique because it applies standard shapes which are presumably more suitable for the face, regardless of the three key points or any proportion and measure.
Hence, it appears as an arbitrary method.
Fortunately this method has not encountered success in our country, thanks to our professional make-up artists who, being aware of the impossibility of “sticking” an eyebrow on a face, have kept them away.
Why will you not be able to do without the Eyebrow Tracer?

Because it allows everybody to enhance his/her own look in few and simple moves, exalting the specific uniqueness of any face.

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